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Sussex Ice Cream HQ,
25 Ashacre Lane,
West Sussex,
BN13 2DA

About Us


Pastry and dessert chef Dan began making ice cream for some of the UK’s most prestigious venues. He hadn’t really planned to start the Sussex Ice Cream Company, but his creations caused quite a stir and diners were asking, “Where can I buy a tub for myself?”

Now, four years on, he’s delighted that an ever-growing number of shops, cafes, restaurants, National Trust buildings and homes are enjoying his handcrafted ice cream and sorbets.

Handcrafted by chefs

We make our ice cream and sorbet like no one else in the country. Every scoop is handmade, without the help of machines, in small batches by just three chefs in our West Sussex kitchen.

Great ingredients

We like to keep things simple. Our ice cream is made with three base ingredients – local double cream, sugar and egg white. Sorbet is made with just two – South Downs mineral water and sugar. Then we add real, honest ingredients to create a delicious selection of traditional and unusual flavours.

All our sorbets are dairy and gluten free – and most of our ice cream is gluten free too. We never use artificial flavourings, colourings, stabilisers, preservatives, gum or additives.

We’re winning awards

In our third year of business, we won 10 gold stars at the Great Taste Awards. We were also the first company in Sussex to have a sorbet with three stars. Try it for yourself – it’s our raspberry sorbet.

Great ingredients

One thing that sets us apart from the tons of other ice cream and sorbet brands out there is our real, honest ingredients. They’re always the very best quality – and grown, milked or made as close to our kitchen as possible.


Double cream

From Southview Farm Dairy

The number one ingredient in our ice cream comes from Southview Farm Dairy, which is just five miles down the road. It’s one of the only traditional – and family-run – dairy farms left in West Sussex that produces milk from its own herd of Friesian cows.

We love it because it’s particularly rich and creamy.

Mineral water

From South Downs Water

The mineral water in our sorbets is filtered through – and enriched by – the deep chalk layers of South Downs. It’s untouched at source and goes through no chemical or treatment process, making it pure in quality and taste.


From Paynes Honey

Our stem ginger and honey ice cream is made with raw honey from this family business. The bee colonies span Sussex, Surrey and Kent, picking up wonderful natural flavours from Southdown National Park, Ashdown Forest – and beyond.


From Pulborough

Since British strawberries are a summer fruit, you’ll only be able to enjoy our strawberry & cream ice cream between April and October. The strawberries are grown sustainably in fields rich in biodiversity just 12 miles away, which keeps the use of pesticides to a minimum.


From Petworth

Like strawberries, you can only buy our tangy raspberry sorbet between April and October when the fruits are ripe and in season. The raspberries are also grown sustainably with little help from pesticides, in fields just 15 miles away.

Vanilla pods

From Madagascar

We don’t know of anyone growing vanilla in the UK, so we get ours from the place where it grows best – Madagascar. The pods are aged for nine months on the vine to develop a rich flavour.

We always use vanilla seeds straight from the pod, never extract, as the taste is far superior.

Our small team

We’re the minds and hands behind the Sussex Ice Cream Company. We share 30 years’ experience in the catering industry, a kitchen in West Sussex – and a love for creating innovative and traditional flavours.


Dan Clarke

Dan Clarke

Founder and Chef Director

Dan has been making ice cream for some 20 years. He’s used his culinary flair and creativity to create a menu of ice cream and sorbets that will excite even the most discerning of palates.

Favourite flavour?

“It has to be banana & caramel, as it’s just like my favourite dessert – banoffee pie. I love the richness of the toffee coupled with the fresh banana… it’s sublime!”

Who would you share an ice cream with?

“Well, I would say Ben Cohen from Ben & Jerry’s but I have already done that. So perhaps my mum? She’s a true inspiration – and my biggest fan!”

Winning flavour yet to be made?

‘Red Devil’ ice cream, as I follow Manchester United. I’m not sure what would be in it, but it would have a kick!

Adam Upton

Adam Upton

Ice Cream Maker

Adams obsession for sweet things goes way beyond the expression ͚a sweet tooth͛. He͛’s a fantastic young chef who is always looking to improve our recipes. He loves making ice cream almost as much as he loves tasting it.

Favourite flavour?

“Im a banana & caramel fan too. I just love the sweetness (surprise, surprise) and the crunchy ginger biscuits that go through it.”

Who would you share an ice cream with?

“Supermodel Cara Delavigne.”

Winning flavour yet to be made?

“HARIBO. Need I say more?”

Testimonials from our lovely customers

“I choose to work with the Sussex ice cream company as I believe Dan being a pastry chef, understands what a chef needs.

He has a fantastic range of flavours which gives chefs an extra tool when creating menus.

They will also go the extra mile and work with you on new flavours, simply brilliant.”

Alan – Head Chef

“Last year I set myself a task to find an ice cream supplier that could give me good quality ice cream, consistently. Sussex ice cream company ticks all these boxes and more!

After meeting with Daniel, it became obvious that this is somebody that shared the same passion as myself when talking about food. Using fresh high quality ingredients, locally sourced and flavours that where natural to the time of year! I’m proud to use and serve these ice creams within my kitchens.”

Darrel – Executive Chef

“We have been working with Dan since 2015 with an initial trial in six
stores. At the start of 2017 this had tripled. We have been working in
collaboration to improve the range we offer to our customers, sales are
beating all initial expectations, and we were delighted to have been
consulted on the new branding. Dan and his team offer a first class service
and a first class product. A pleasure to work with!!”

Kate – Local Sourcing Manager

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