Passionate about flavour and textures using local and seasonal ingredients

Why Sussex Ice Cream?

The Sussex Ice Cream Company is the creation of Red Anywhere founder and Master Chef, Daniel Clarke.  Always attentive to what his customers want, Dan noticed that his range of handmade Ice Creams were creating a bit of a stir – “Oh wow! Where can I buy this?”  was a common reaction.  And so Sussex Ice Cream Company was born.

Sussex Ice Cream Company is committed to using local produce and suppliers, wherever possible, and Dan has used his culinary flair and creativity to create a menu of Ice Creams that will excite even the most discerning of palates.

The very best, truly fresh Ice Cream and Sorbet, made by hand in Sussex.

A Commitment to Taste

The Sussex Ice Cream Company believes in making the absolute best possible Ice Cream and Sorbet.

Free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives and free from all ‘nasties’, our menu of Ice Creams showcases an eye-popping experience of traditional and, well, unusual flavours.

Our Ice Cream is made by hand, without machines or processing equipment, using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients and methods that are completely unique us.  Wherever possible we feature local produce, such as Raspberries and Strawberries from Pulborough and some amazing Honey from Paynes who only use Sussex Bees.  Our Ice Cream is made with only 100% Double Cream – rich and full of flavour – which we get locally from Southview Farm Dairy, near Arundel. Where we cannot use local ingredients (for instance Vanilla Pods), we source the best;  in this case we use Madagascan Vanilla Pods which are renowned to be the King of Vanilla.

Our sorbets are made using fresh fruit, sugar and water. We are thrilled to use Southdowns Water in our sorbet which gives the sorbet an even fresher taste, our sorbets are also dairy and gluten free…

Meet the team

The Sussex Ice Cream Company is the creation of Daniel Clarke and his team.  Together, they have over 30 years’ experience in the catering industry, with a growing reputation for giving the client what they want with that extra ‘wow’ factor.

Daniel Clarke – Founder and Ice Cream Creator


Dan has been making Ice Cream for some 20 years.  His wealth of knowledge and experience in creating some interesting combinations, coupled with using local and seasonal produce creates an exciting USP for the Sussex Ice Cream Company.

Favourite Flavour:  Would have to be “Ultimate Banoffee” – Also my favourite dessert.  I love the richness of the toffee coupled with the fresh Banana…  Sublime!

Share an Ice Cream with:  Well, I would say Ben Cohen from Ben & Jerry’s but I have already done that (honest!), so perhaps… my mum – true inspiration to me and my biggest fan!

Flavour to Create – “Red Devil Ice Cream” as I follow Manchester United! Not sure what would be in it but it would have a kick :0)

Andy Gamble – Director


Andy deals with all the logistics and finance at Sussex Ice Cream Company. He makes sure the Ice Cream gets to where it should be and also keeps telling the team not to spend any more money!  Easier said than done!

Favourite Flavour:  “Ultimate Banoffee” – I love the taste of the fresh Banana which is a great example of what we stand for.

Share an Ice Cream with:  Has to be my baby daughter, Lani, but when she is old enough not to wear it!  Oh! And perhaps her mum as well (Got to say that!).

Flavour to Create:  “Key Lime Pie” – Citrus bang with a crunchy texture…  Could be a winner!

Guy Thompson – Ice Cream Maker


Guy loves Ice Cream as most of us do, so to him this is a dream job!  His wealth of experience as a Chef bodes him well when making all our Ice Creams under the watchful eye of DC!

Favourite Flavour:  “Salted Caramel” – I love the almost savoury taste of this Ice Cream.  It really is very special and one of our best sellers.

Share an Ice Cream with:  Florence Welch (For those who are not sure who this is, apparently she sings in a band!).

Flavour to Create:  “Jaffa Cake” – Childhood favourite and as we try and turn retro flavours into Ice Cream, let’s give this one a go! :)

Adam Upton – Ice Cream Maker and Taster!


Adam would live off anything sweet if he could.  Sweet tooth doesn’t get close!  Adam loves making the Ice Cream, loves tasting and is a fantastic young Chef who is always looking to improve flavours if he can!

Favourite Flavour:  “Ultimate Banoffee” – I just love the sweetness (Surprise surprise!) and the crunchy ginger biscuits that go through it.

Share an Ice Cream with:  Cara Delavigne (Supermodel).

Flavour to create:  “Haribo” – Say no more!