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Thrilled to be using Southdown’s Water

Posted on March 5, 2015

Leading on from the title of this blog post we are delighted that after lots of testing and tasting that we will be using Southdown’s Water in all our fruit sorbets! SDW kindly contacted us some weeks ago and asked me had I considered it? my first thought was no.. Why? Well I assumed that the price would be to costly for our sorbet production. But we do pay for our water out of the taps so to have a product that is so clean and pure and local is perfect for what we stand for and shout about! [image 

We made every one of out sorbet with the water and then taste tested against the current ones. The difference to me as a chef was evident and really exciting. All of the sorbets tasted cleaner, fresher and full of even more flavour which really excited me! So really it was an easy decision. The cost is minimal but the end result is sublime and well worth it!

So as of this week all our sorbet is made with Southdown’s Water!

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One response to “Thrilled to be using Southdown’s Water”

  1. Melanie says:

    Well we never?! Who’d have thought we would be lucky enough to partner with such a super local company, and assist them in launching clean, pure, refreshing tasting sorbets with a double local twist!
    Our Natural Mineral Water is naturally filtered through the Chalks of the South Downs giving it a high calcium content. A low Sodium content, also gives the taste a less salty vibe! Perfect.
    Sussex Ice Cream Company, we look forward to an exciting first year with you.

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