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Sussex Ice Cream meets Chilgrove Gin

Posted on January 29, 2015

This week we met the local artisan drinks producer, Chilgrove Gin. The result… three varied, and delicious (if we do say so ourselves) sample gin-tastic sorbets! See the sorbet creator, Daniel Clarke, comments below…

Gin & Tonic Sorbet – This was the obvious sorbet to make as we all love a Gin & Tonic, I wanted to create something that was distinctive to the Chilgrove Gin Flavour and all it stands for, therefore we used Fever Tree Tonic in the sorbet along with Lemon, Gin, Sugar and Water… This sorbet also has some egg white in it which emulsifies everything and when blended gives the sorbet its lightness… Like white snow with a Gin kick!

Botanical Sorbet – I wanted to create a gin sorbet with no Gin… Easier said than done, So I researched the botanicals (ingredients) of the gin and put my chefy twist on it and played! I used a combination of Coriander Seeds, 2 x varieties of peppercorn, juniper and mint… this coupled with Water and Sugar made a very interesting sorbet! The flavours were fab, a hint of mint, juniper and coriander and the warmth of the pepper came through at the end as it does in the gin!

Chilgrove Fizz – This sorbet recreates a cocktail on Chilgrove Gin website called the “Chilgrove Fizz” the ingredients are Pink Grapefruit, Lime, Gin, Tonic and Prosecco or sparkling wine… So I took most of the ingredients and put them together in a syrup to make an interesting sorbet… Which really worked! The Pink Grapefruit was there but not bitter at all… The sweetness was balanced with the Gin and Lime… The light pink colour was also great! We then put some sorbet into a Champagne flute and poured over English Nyetimber sparkling wine… it was sublime!

We mirror Chilgrove Gins sentiments, ‘A Tuesday morning well spent! Tasting superb Chilgrove Gin sorbets and cocktails. The favourite involved a scoop of ‘Chilgrove Fizz Sorbet’ slowly melting into a flute of English Sparkling Wine…spectacular!’

Come back soon to find out more about these Gin sorbets, and when and where to try them first!


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