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The re-brand is complete!

Posted on June 28, 2017

We are super excited here at Ice Cream HQ, after 12 months or meetings, ideas, proposals, more meetings, design, packaging, website design, clothing and marketing material we have completed the re-brand of Sussex Ice Cream…! 

We are ecstatic with the result, so so pleased and proud of how the brand has evolved since we started some 4 years ago!

Why the re-brand…?

Well we took the decision on the back of feedback and productivity. The feedback was from our contract with the Southern Co-Op, whilst they liked our old brand they felt it all looked the same in the freezer (which it did as one generic pot). They also felt that it was hard to see and distinguish flavours as a little sticker was added by hand by us.

This leads me on to productivity… The labour involved in adding 6 stickers per tub by hand was immense. At one stage I had 4 members of staff adding stickers all day!

Who was responsible for the design of the new brand…?

REBORN based in Brighton, I cannot thank Claire and Andrew enough, they are AWESOME, true professionals with immense creativity and attention to detail. We met twice, I gave a brief and they pretty much nailed it from that!

Who built the website..?

Doug at Pixel Design Studio was responsible for designing and implementing the brand usage colours and feel as laid out by REBORN. Doug has built all our sites for the last 9 years, each one has always been brilliant. The design, build and usability is exactly what we were looking for. We love the new look and feel, feedback has been amazing since launching it some three weeks ago.

What next..?

Well we are pursuing new business with our new look. We are in discussions with some big accounts and working on some local eateries that we have been targeting for a long time. A tasting is always the best way to sell our product!




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