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Ice Creams

Proper Vanilla CL8A0900

Proper Vanilla

Luxuriously smooth, our Vanilla Ice Cream is made with only the finest Madagascan Vanilla Pods. Undoubtedly the best in the world!


Double Chocolate Brownie

Chewy chocolate brownie chunks smothered in our rich velvety chocolate Ice Cream, rippled with an indulgent chocolate sauce.

After 8

After 8

Mint Chocolate Chip is one of our beloved classic flavours, with minty After Eights chopped through the pure white Ice Cream with an added dash of Peppermint to finish - no green in sight.

Stem Ginger and Honey CL8A0916

Stem Ginger & Honey

One of our best sellers: A sublime combination of sticky Stem Ginger and locally sourced honey from Sussex bees.

Ultimate Banoffee CL8A0912

Ultimate Banoffee

This has to be the ultimate in indulgence. Fresh Banana, hint of Lemon, Ginger Nut Crunch, gooey Caramel sauce... Try it to believe it!

Strawberries and Cream CL8A0902

Strawberries & Cream

Classic combination of Local Strawberries and Local Cream. Strawberries cooked with sugar and a hint of Lemon Juice, folded through velvety Vanilla Ice Cream... A match made in heaven!

Baileys and Fudge CL8A0914

Baileys & Fudge

Silky smooth Baileys liqueur with vanilla Ice Cream with chunky chunks of homemade Baileys fudge. Go on, treat yourself!

Lemon Pavlova CL8A0899

Lemon Pavlova

Fresh and zingy Lemon Ice Cream with chunks of Chewy Meringue. Yum!

Navy Rum and Rasin CL8A0908

Navy Rum & Raisin

A new take on a classic recipe with boozy raisins. We poach the dried fruit in Navy Rum for 36 hours for a deep, rich and sumptuous flavour.

Salted Caramel CL8A0909

Salted Caramel

Drizzles of rich Caramel and speckles of Rock Salt carefully rippled through Vanilla Ice Cream, the ultimate tongue pleaser.

Real Rasberry Riple CL8A0897

Real Raspberry Ripple

Succulent locally grown raspberries flambéed with a hint of Framboise (Raspberry liqueur) and kissed by our elegant Vanilla Ice Cream... Sublime!

Apple Crumble CL8A0923

Apple Crumble

A chilly twist on this comforting classic. Homemade Bramley Apple puree, a pinch of Cinnamon, crumbled Shortbread, and lashings of our Vanilla Ice Cream... Divine!


“BFG” Black Forest Gateaux

Tempered Chocolate shards and Armenia Cherries unite with our classic Vanilla Ice Cream to create a flavour combination that brings a new level of luxury.

Maple and Pecan CL8A0926

Maple & Pecan

Lightly toasted Pecans swirled with generous glugs of Maple Syrup, all folded through our creamy base recipe... Sweetness with a crunch!

Orange and Honeycomb CL8A0898

Orange (Marmalade) & Honeycomb

Try something different with classic flavours. Freshly hand-squeezed orange juice reduced to a gooey syrup, then lovingly folded through our creamy base with a smattering of homemade crunchy honeycomb.

Mince Pie CL8A0920

Luxury Mince Pie (November to January)

Our Luxury Mince Pie Ice Cream proved a huge success last year... Mincemeat, Crumbled Cinnamon Shortbread with a wee shot of Macallan Whiskey makes for a stunning Ice Cream

Coffee and Cream CL8A0921

Coffee & Cream (Latte)

A bespoke ice cream originally made for a local Italian Restaurant. Medium Roasted coffee beans from Cornwall, with a dash of Coffee Liqueur makes this a subtle but decadent evening Ice Cream.


Red Icecream batch 2 025

Passion Fruit

Sweet, sour and exotic, dive into a new taste experience with our passionfruit sorbet.

Rasberry Sorbet CL8A0934


A truly sensational summer flavour of locally grown raspberries with the perfect hint of tartness!

Mango Sorbet CL8A0935


Sweet, juicy mango with a hint of Fresh Lime. Both tropical and refreshing!

Apple and Basil Sorbet CL8A0931

Apple & Basil

Are you ready for this one? Our vibrant, refreshing sorbet is made from tart Bramley Apples, uniquely paired with the unusual but beautiful taste of Basil and a sneaky dash of white wine.