Welcome to the home of Sussex Ice Cream…

Sussex Ice Cream is the creation of experienced Pastry Chef and Master Chef, Daniel Clarke, who has been making Ice Cream for over 20 years and who has used his recipe in many Michelin Star and Rosetted properties.

Our Ice Cream is simply like no other in Sussex, or anywhere else in the country for that matter. Made using three base ingredients – Double Cream, Sugar and Egg White – our Ice Cream has a truly sensational texture and creaminess. The real gem is the Cream.  Our Ice Cream is made with  only double cream from Southview Farm Dairy in Bury, near Arundel.  Their cream is rich and full of flavour which works so well with all of our exciting flavour combinations.  Be it Proper Madagascan Vanilla Pods (no extract), Honey from Paynes of Sussex or Local Strawberries and Raspberries that we only use when they are in season, our promise is the same…  flavours that excite and tantalise the taste buds! Our Ice Cream and Sorbet does not contain any gum, stabilisers or E numbers.  In fact, you will not find anything artificial in our products.  What’s more, we make our Ice Cream by hand – no machines, or processing equipment – using methods that are completely unique to Sussex Ice Cream Company.  Truly artisan to give you, the consumer, the finest, freshest, purest, most delicious Ice Cream. PS. Exciting NEWS!  We are now SALSA approved.  We are recognised for producing safe, local products. Click here to read all about it!


Fabulous Flavours

Our recipe has been developed over the years and our Ice Cream is made by hand using completely unique methods.  With a truly sensational texture and creaminess, our Ice Cream is bursting with flavours that will excite even the most discerning of palates.

Fresh Local Produce

Strawberries from Pulborough, Raspberries from Petworth and even Honey from Arundel; our produce is all fresh and locally sourced. The real gem is the Cream. Our Ice Cream is made with only double cream from Southview Farm Dairy in Bury, near Arundel.

Stockists & Retailers

We have formed some fantastic partnerships with local businesses that scoop, serve and sell our delicious Ice Cream and Sorbet. Click here to view a full list of shops, cafés and other retail outlets that are currently stocking the finest freshest Ice Cream in Sussex.